Charlotte City Am

The 64rd Year : August 18th - 20th 2023

The 64rd Year : August 18th – 20th 2023

August 18 Pine Lake CC / August 19 Carolina GC / August 20 Cedarwood CC

Will Register comes from 9 back, shooting 64 (with double on 18) to take his first City Am title.

To Par
1Will Register-11716864203
2Jake McGlone-10676770204
3Kelvin Day-9666475205
T4Chad Wilfong-8696869206
T4Colin Salema-8676970206
T4Ryan Blair-8706769206
7Olof Bengtsson-7656973207
T8Bobby Dean-5687269209
T8John Eades-5677072209
10Sean Farren-4697170210
11Brandon Shaver-3727168211
12Matthew Kilgo-1686778213
13Chad FultzE716974214
T14Brian Parker1697373215
T14Stephen Woodard1717074215
T16Mark Donaldson3707374217
T16Louis Lambert3707275217
T16Jason Hnat3697078217
T16Donald Langland3677278217
20Luke Thalman5717177219
21David Sargent6687379220
T22Benjamin Chase7707279221
T22Paul Fitzgerald7737078221
24Cameron Warner11697482225


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