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cheap louis vuitton outlet pants or long version of the jacket for The match; wearing high-pant open leg skirt, with On the high-necked shirt or long sleeve is just right. Fashion Week Street beat Fashion Week Street beat Check 3: jewelry mashup do not fight! If you want to mix and match multi -level accessories, select one of the mashup can be, for example, different lengths of multi-level necklace, bracelet for a mix of different bracelets, but with a multi-level necklace Do not mix and match the bracelet, after all, you Fashion Week Street shoot Fashion Week Street beat Check 4: consistent color harmony does not match with the accessories, first confirm the color harmony is like. If you put on, you do not want to dress like a Christmas tree, what are the body to put. A super good-looking print pants, powerful people can choose the same color or hit the color pigment tops, low-key people with black and white basic color; if not sure, first set the clothes, take a few steps back to see That The balance ratio should pay attention to louis vuitton bags outlet

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louis vuitton outlet store Binggege dynamite: a new sequins of the backpack hidden in the sequins of COCO embroidery silhouette. In addition to the back that is walking the wind, there are soldiers and explosives are highly similar to the military green shoulder bag. As well as military pockets and military Water bottle package ... 3 Bohemia series of fried hair with the nature of a group, like the morning when the hair-raising. So that obsessive-compulsive disorder would like to help them to Mao Li Shun. 4 colorful series Should be younger soft sister paper will be more like a series of color stitching comparison psychedelic. 5 Matchmaker cake series Matcha Melaleuca cake with the paragraph, but also very Cuban style. But not so good ride. Just a hair like a wood with a beautiful Cover of the package 6 amp; bucket package Tucao so many strange styles, for fear you forget the small incense originally elegant style. Come and see Chanel open the right way. Tweed soft le boy girl heart full of woven material cover bag is Also very sweet louis vuitton purses outlet

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louis vuitton handbags outlet Although most of the craftsmen are experienced elders, but many young people have come here after graduation from school, served as embroidery, weaving twill or even design fabrics, decoration and so on. 'Paris in Rome,' Advanced Handmade Square series behind the ruch and floral work | Source: Each other to provide the preservation of the past, is one of the most important task of these workshops, in Lesage 's file storage room to save more More than 70,000 Pieces of embroidery samples, 60 tons of supplies inventory, many collections even dates back to the 19th century. However, for these workshops, the more important thing is to have an open attitude. Coco Chanel 's rival Elsa Schiaparelli' s embroidery Is clearly visible here, while the workshop welcomes a variety of fashion brands to come for inspiration or visit cooperation. 'Basically, all the famous designers have come here,' said the person in charge. Not a monopoly, while the open mind is Chanel After the acquisition, the Group will only be louis vuitton factory outlet

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